11. Sales Tips for Your Small Business


Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig ZiglarAs the late great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, everything we do in life is a form of sales. Even little children are mini sales people, using their wiles to convince their parents to give them what they want.

Have you ever casually browsed by a store or table, not intending to buy a thing, but next thing you know you’re pulling out your credit card and swiping? That’s good salesmanship at work.

When you start a small business you either have to learn about selling or hire someone who already knows. There isn’t a business that couldn’t do better without a good sales person behind it — that includes service companies, manufacturers, agencies, consultants and companies that sell retail products. Online businesses need sales people too — they’re called writers. Sales copy is key to converting sales.

The key to successful selling is to identify and connect with the type of person who is most likely to be interested in your product or service, relate with them, find out their needs and then tell them how the product or service meets them. People manage to do this on the Internet with words and images.

What Is Relationship Selling?

Relationship selling (also called personal selling) is an effective plan if you have a business that requires a lot of face-to-face or phone contact with customers. You develop a strong relationship with the customer, gain an understanding of his needs, relate with him, share laughs and even have lunches here and there. When you have a relationship like that with a customer, you’re almost guaranteed to close a sale every time you have a new offering.

Women who sell Avon and Mary Kay are experts at relationship selling. They often know their customers personally and bring in sales from the same people time and time again. The customer has to believe in you and your products or services for this to happen.

A Few Selling Quick Tips

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie– Tell your story (yours or your company’s)
– Provide information, not fluff – information and valuable content sells
– Understand deep consumer motivations (people buy when you satisfy one of their core needs or desires)
– If the prospect likes you as a person, there’s a good chance you’ll close the sale (the same is true in reverse), so work on being more personable and understanding when talking to others

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