5. Setting Up Your Small Business Office

One of the most exciting steps of starting up your very own small business is setting up your office space. You have the power to make it whatever you want it to be. You’ll need furniture, computers, phone, general supplies (like paper and paper clips), shipping supplies, and small things to decorate your office to make it all yours.

Studies have shown that having a nicely designed office can inspire and motivate you and your employees (when you have them).

Start With the Business Furniture

When planning the setup of your office, you might want to start with your business furniture. The basics include a good sturdy desk for your work station, an executive chair (you’re the big boss man or woman around here) and a file cabinet if you manage a lot of paperwork.

List the Small Business Equipment You Need Next

Next, list the different types of machines and equipment that you’ll need in order to run your business efficiently. Get the basics for now, and add to the list as time goes on and your financing comes through.

Color Considerations

The color scheme that you can choose for your office is up to your own personal taste, but it helps to take a look at color meanings for inspiration:

Red=fire, intensity, courage, energy, passion
Orange= joy, tropics, enthusiasm, creativity, determination, stimulation, harvest
Yellow=sunshine, joy, happiness, warmth, cheerfulness
Green=nature, harmony, growth, freshness, money, hope, peace
Blue=stability, wisdom, confidence, calm, tranquility, intellect, knowledge, power
Purple=royalty, wealth, creativity, magic, mystery
White=purity, beginnings, coolness, sterility
Black=power, elegance, mystery, authority, strength

Click here to read a little more about color theory and get some inspiration for how to set up your office.

The Ultra Efficient Small Business Office

eFax.comThanks to so many technological innovations, it’s possible to save money and run a much more efficient office space – especially when you work from home. For instance, instead of purchasing a fax machine (which could cost $150 or more), buying paper to fill it up (about $50+ per box), and paying for an extra phone line (varies; about $20+ per month), you can just sign up for an online fax service and pay about $10 per month.

You might not need a landline phone if you instead use your existing cell phone and add a line for business only. (However, keep in mind that you might need phone service in order to get Internet service.)

The cost of securing an 800 Toll Free Number is as low as $2 per month with some services. It routes all of your business calls to one line.

There are plenty of details to consider here – have fun with setting up your small business office. The resources below provide you with advice and guidance on the various options for establishing an optimal and efficient workspace for you and your employees.

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