7. Buying Office Supplies for Your Small Business

It starts off as a writing notebook or pack of pens here and there. Then it’s a box of staples and ink for your printer. Then it grows to reams of paper and a stamp pad to use for shipping envelopes. The next thing you know, you’re placing bulk orders for office supplies for your small business!

When you start your own small company, be prepared to spend a whole lot of time walking the aisles of your favorite office supply store. Stores like Staples and Office Depot offer rewards programs for small business customers who make frequent purchases. Those office supply receipts can really add up when it’s time to account for your expenses at the end of the year.

Common Office Supplies Needed

The list of office supplies that you’ll need for your small business may include:
– Pens
– Pencils
– Paper clips
– Staples
– Copy and Printing paper
– Stamp pads
– Letter Openers
– File folders
– Envelopes
– Shipping labels & packaging
– Ink and toner
– Diskettes and zip drives for storage

Staples has a complete list here.

Buy in Bulk

After six months to a year in business, you should have a general idea of what your office supply needs will be going forward. Once you know the amount of paper, pads, pens, paper clips and staples you go through, you can start buying your office supplies in bulk – once, twice or three times a year. Once you establish a business or rewards account with your favorite supplier discounts will follow.

Now You’re In Business!

When you buy office supplies for your small company and stock your office with them, it will really start to feel like you’re in business. Next step > find some customers and make some money!

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