14. Getting More Help for Your Small Business

So you’ve got your new small business up and running. Things are going fairly smoothly — maybe there have been a few bumps in the road along the way, but things are moving forward.

Even when things are running smoothly, there still may be times when you’ll need some help or assistance with your small company. Maybe you just need a positive word of advice or encouragement from a business mentor who has been there. Maybe you need a reference to a product or service that will help you do exactly what you’re trying to do.

Maybe you’ll need help writing a professional business letter, figuring out how to patent a product or hiring a small business adviser. Maybe you need help with your business expenses and bookkeeping.

Well for one, you know you can always come to this page of StartUpaSmallBiz.com for a boost. Keep this page bookmarked (CTRL+D) and come back for help. Click here to ask a question or comment below and one of our bloggers might answer it with a special post.

Thanks to StartUpaSmallBiz.com, help and assistance for small business owners like you is now just a click away.

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