Resources You’ll Need for a Small Business

Important Small Business Resources

Here are some valuable resources for anyone who wants to start up a small business. This list includes everything from marketing help to assistance forming your business, so take your time and scroll for what you might need >>

Need to create an online store for your new business?

Yahoo Stores is one of the premier sites that business owners use to create and grown their online stores. Many of my clients use this service to create high ranking web stores to sell physical products (clothing, gifts and more).

Need a website domain name and hosting plan?

GoDaddy is one of the web’s most trusted web hosting services.

Need help with growing your social media presence on Twitter and Instagram?

Contact for a consultation.

Want legal advice to help you create, form and maintain your small business successfully?

One word: Nolo. Nolo has been a top resource for small business owners for many years. You can start an LLC online at Nolo or get important business forms from the site.

Need a security solution to protect your business website or computers? Try one of these solutions:

Kaspersky Lab Security Products for business users

AVG business edition to secure your computer (so important)

Need an attractive, mobile friendly website to use with your social media accounts?

Strikingly offers free and paid options. These sites are easy to navigate on a mobile device — it’s no secret that many people who use social media sites access them from a smartphone or tablet device.

Are you ready to get the word out about your new small business?

125x125 Logo in blue with woman

Start by sending a press release to the world. The value of a press release is that it can attract the attention of local, national and international publications as well as give your business more visibility online.

Are you interested in publishing a book to establish yourself as an expert or visionary in your business of choice?

CreateSpace allows you to upload your book and sell it on a variety of marketplaces (including of course). They also offer convenient design services to create your book interior and cover.

Does your business idea require you to book travel to attend conferences and important meetings?

Expedia always offers deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. Build your small business trip from top to bottom.

Are you a business consultant or remote worker who needs to communicate with your  clients online?

Set up a GoToMeeting account. It allows you to share your computer desktop (the screen and all of your actions) and talk to the other party from the comfort of your laptop, whether you’re at the beach or your backyard patio.

Will you have to send out a lot of mailings or letters to support your new small business? is an approved licensed vendor for the USPS – print your postage from the comfort of your desk and avoid annoying lines at the post office. You’ll feel like the King or Queen of the World when you walk right up to your postal clerk, hand them your pre-stamped letters and continue on with your day!

Are you looking for a more convenient way to send and receive faxes for your small business?

RingCentral is a complete internet fax service that allows you to send, receive, broadcast and manage your messages. You can also choose a toll-free or local number to offer your customers.

If all you need is a toll-free number to route calls, Kall8 offers them for just $2 per month. I’ve had a Kall8 toll-free number for many years–it definitely comes in handy.

Do you need an online account to receive payments from clients and send payments to contractors.

Sign up for a new PayPal business account here.

Need to create a catalog, brochure or other marketing materials for your business?

PrintPlace is a popular destination for up and coming small business owners who need custom-made printed materials.

Planning a direct mail campaign for your business?

Overnight Prints is the place to go when you need a LOT of postcards printed at a discounted rate (the more you print, the better your price per piece).

Need to find a qualified employee for your new small business?

Find your dream employee by posting an ad on Monster for a reasonable listing fee.

Maybe you just need a graphic designer to create your small business logo and to keep on call for your upcoming projects?

Many small business creators swear by 99Designs as a service to find the best graphic designers at reasonable prices. You pay one fee and designers compete for your business.

Do you think it might be valuable to listen to audiobooks for instruction and motivation as you start your new small business?

Try an Audible audiobook (free for first 30 days). They have titles ranging from Kiplinger’s Planning Your Business to John Maxwell’s Leadership Series. Listening to audiobooks has been invaluable to my experience as a small business owner.

Stay tuned for more valuable small business resources and reviews.

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