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You Can Be Your Own Business Owner TODAY – Why Wait?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve finally realized that the only path to true financial freedom and independence is to start up a small business. This site will provide you with plenty of resources, information and advice to get you started in the right direction.

Time to Try Something Different…

For many of us, life has been mapped out for us as follows:
– Go to college
– Learn plenty of useless information
– Go to work for a corporation or company
– Retire (hopefully with enough to live on for life)

Even if you weren’t pushed toward college, you may have been pushed in some type of familiar direction, like working at a factory, manual labor or another type of job.

The people who push you toward a life goal of working for someone else do it not because they’re being malicious – they do it because that’s all that they know. They don’t know any better for their own lives, so they bring you into the same mentality.

This mentality of working a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) is taught to many of us as a type of legacy (work a job that you can’t stand forever in hopes of retiring semi-comfortably).

It’s a legacy carried by our family members, friends, associates, colleagues, teachers and loved ones. It’s also promoted on certain levels by large corporations who need underpaid worker bees in order to stay in business.

Well I think it’s time to break loose from this thought-process regarding work and making money. It’s time to learn how to start up your own small business for profit.

You don’t have to quit your job just yet, but you just can’t ignore your calling in life. You could be making money on the side with your small business to put toward your retirement. Who said that a 401K is the only way to save up for your future? Your boss? A rich financial guru on television (who by the way, happens to have her own business)?

Why can’t you use what you learned in high school, college or a technical school to start your own company? Why don’t they teach you straight out of high school that you should identify your talents, figure out what you love, and then use your knowledge to turn it into a money-making business idea?

You’re here researching small business topics, so half of the struggle is over. Why? Because you have conquered the mentality that working at a job is the only way to make money and live a comfortable life.

But now comes the other part of the equation — how do you go about actually starting your own small business? What is the process?

That is the purpose of this website. The purpose is to:

1) Enrich you with encouraging information to help you stay upbeat and motivated about your new business idea

2) Offer you a wealth of resources, information and news regarding small businesses

3) Give you information about the realities of starting a new small business

3) Keep you updated products and services that can help your new company grow and flourish

You’re on your way. Let’s dive right into the process of how to start up a small business right now >>

Decide & plan for your small business.




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