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Emotional Intelligence & Your Small Business Communication Strategy

On Emotional Intelligence and How it Relates to Your Small Business Communication Strategy

The widespread belief in popular culture is that human emotions aren’t connected with human intelligence. Many people believe that those who act or speak emotionally business handshakearen’t using their intellect; the idea is that the two are mutually exclusive. But in the age of the Internet, social media and advancements in the study of human psychology, it’s become clear that emotional intelligence (also called EQ) is not an oxymoron. It is just as significant as traditional human intelligence (IQ) that can be measured with tests and other metrics.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?
There are several definitions of emotional intelligence in popular theory, but one of the easiest to grasp is this: it is an understanding of human emotions and how to manage them intelligently. It is an understanding of how emotions have a significant effect on the way people communicate with each other, socialize, learn, resolve conflicts and perform in work settings. It also affects how people manage their own issues with stress and mental health.

Knowledge Transfer Benefits
Emotional intelligence is a conduit for better knowledge transfer. When you can relate to others on an emotional level, it makes them more receptive to receiving new information. As an example, self-help authors and motivational speakers relate to their audiences on a high level when they are in tune with their emotional triggers. Teachers also have a stronger effect on students when they are connected with them on an emotional level — studies from as early as 1994 examined the effect of positive emotions on the learning process for young people.

Emotional Intelligence and Social Media
The growth of social media has created a new platform where psychologists can examine the effects of emotional intelligence on individuals and society as a whole. Business organizations in particular study and implement online communication strategies based on the idea of emotional intelligence when connecting with followers and potential customers. As the saying goes, “people buy on emotion and rationalize them with logic.” Many organizations use emotional intelligence to appeal to followers with advertisements and posts that address the inner feelings and desires of their target audiences first and foremost. This inspires future purchases and brand loyalty.

Think of how you can use this information in your business communications and sales strategies. It pays to care about your customers — their feelings, their motivations, their hopes, dreams and emotional triggers. Don’t treat your customers and clients like numbers on a page — treat them with human compassion when communicating with them for the best results.

It’s clear from recent research that emotional intelligence is a valuable concept to consider – especially when it comes to business communication strategy. It may be key to everything from improving personal human relationships to inspiring customers to buy your products and services.



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