3 Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money

Some Twitter users spend a lot of time posting on Twitter for fun, but they don’t realize that it’s possible to use Twitter to make money. Your time is as valuable as money (if not more), so why not use your time spent on Twitter to make some money? Shift your perspective a bit, because this could start off as something to do on the side and turn into an opportunity to start a small business.

So if you’re a Twitter fanatic who is also a fan of making money, explore ways to use your account more productively. Before you get started, read Twitter’s Rules to ensure that your plan is in line with their guidelines.

Here are three simple ideas for earning an income on Twitter and other social media sites:

Promoted Tweets

Some people make money by promoting tweets to their followers. An advertiser pays them a fee for each tweet. There are a number of services that facilitate this type of transaction by accepting payment from the customer and then immediately posting the tweet to your account (like this one). You set the price—obviously, the more followers you have, the more you can charge. It’s also helpful if you happen to reach a targeted group of people who advertisers want to reach, like moms or teens.

Affiliate Arrangements

Another way to make money with your Twitter account is to manage a website or blog where you post affiliate deals and specials related to your subject matter. You can create an affiliate account with a service like Commission Junction, LinkShare or Amazon. Your job is to continue to provide valuable content that your followers enjoy on Twitter so that they will visit your website for more information and make purchases using your affiliate ads.

Write an Informational Guide

A lot of people make money on Twitter by writing informational guides and books (usually eBooks) and placing them for sale online. There are numerous ways to self-publish your work online for sale, including Amazon’s KDP platform, Clickbank and by simply posting a secure PDF file on your website for download after a PayPal purchase.

Use these ideas as a starting point to inspire you to pursue ways to use Twitter to make money and possibly start your own small business.


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