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800 Business Numbers Give Small Business Owners Relief

800 business numbers can help make a small business owner happier and more efficient — find out why.

1438236_63812032800 business numbers, also called toll free numbers, are ideal for busy small business people who work from home or an office. You can get an 800 number (includes 888, 877, and 866 numbers as well) online literally in a matter of minutes. Using 800 business numbers in the course of business is more efficient than passing out your cell phone or landline number for many reasons:

Business Voicemail

With 800 business numbers you can route your customers to a voicemail system that specifically mentions your business name. For instance, instead of a casual “Hey leave a message” you can say “Thank you for calling Smith & Co. We’re available from 9-5pm Monday through Friday” or a similar professional message.

Free for Customers

If you deal with customers who live in other states, having 800 business numbers is a convenience for them. They don’t have to worry about the cost of making a long distance call. The number is also easier for the customer to remember (7 digits instead of 10).

800 Business Numbers Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

If you think having an 800 number is expensive, think again. Some toll free services charge as little as $2 per month ($2 to reserve the number) plus a low per minute charge when someone calls your business. You can create a number for each division of your business if you want and still pay just a couple bucks a month.

Track Who Calls You on Your 800 Business Numbers

Toll-free providers allow you to keep a call log of everyone who calls your 800 business numbers. Just log onto your account management screen and click the call history option. You can use this information to determine how many people are calling you from a specific state or area and make pertinent business decisions. For example, if you placed a radio ad in a small town in Missouri and suddenly you start to get a slew of calls from your 800 business numbers from that specific town’s area code, then you know that ad is working. So you can funnel more money into that market.

Call Blocking

Have you ever had a client or customer who just doesn’t want to leave you alone, even after you’ve ended your relationship with him? What about when you contact another company to inquire about services, decide on another option, but a salesman from that first company decides to call you every week to try to see if you’ve changed your mind. With 800 business numbers you can block all of those annoying types from calling your company.

Just click the calling block feature in your online 800 business number account, type in the person’s phone number, and save it. Everytime they try to call you they’ll hear a busy signal and you’ll hear… nothing. What a relief. This allows you to focus on the important calls-everytime your business line rings you know it is someone you want to hear from.

These are only a few benefits of 800 business numbers for small companies-there are plenty more. It’s a cheap and effective way to route business-related calls to your landline or cell phone.

Starting up a small business, even if it's just on the side, is no longer an option -- it's a necessity. Why? Because everyone needs an additional source of income in our new economy. Click here to sign up for educational and motivational posts to keep you on track.

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Want Your Business Phone Number to Remain Unlisted?

If you want your business phone number to remain unlisted, get a toll free 800 phone number.

It’s hard running a small business. Even the smallest details, like how to establish your business telephone number, can be a complicated decision.

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For instance, have you ever thought about whether your number should be listed or unlisted?

There may be a few reasons why you’d want your business phone number to stay unlisted.

For one, some businesses only work with an established set of clients. For instance, if you own a small graphics design company that only works with a few large clients, there is little need to list your phone number in a phone book.

Not to mention that when you do, anyone can mine your phone number and call you for various matters that you just don’t want to be bothered with. You might hear from people who waste your time and are not really serious about hiring your business. You could get a random call from someone who is only trying to find out about your business for research and competitive reasons. And you may also just get a slew of sales calls from other businesses who purchase your name from a list and want to sell you something. Who has time for that?

Basically, your business telephone number is up for grabs when you list it in the phonebook through your telephone company.

The best way to keep your business number off the phone book rolls is to get an inexpensive toll free 800 phone number instead. When you sign up for a toll free number the number does not automatically go into the next edition of the yellow pages-it is a fairly private number that you can distribute to your targeted group of customers and business contacts.

Not only is the number kept private, there are also a number of benefits of using a toll free business phone number instead of adding a standard business number from your local telephone company to your line.

For one, you can block unwanted callers. So even if a pesky salesman somehow gets your 800 number and calls, you can set your 800 number to block him. Whenever he calls he’ll hear a busy tone or a message stating that “this number is no longer in service” or similar (even though it is).

You can also manage your callers with a toll free business phone number. Let’s say your service only applies to residents of Ohio. You can make it so that only Ohio callers, in a certain area code or from the entire state, can reach you through your business line.

So if you want your business phone number to remain unlisted and also want to better manage your business calls, get a toll free phone number (800, 888, 877, or 866). They are very inexpensive-only $2 per month for some services-and convenient for medium and small business owners.

Starting up a small business, even if it's just on the side, is no longer an option -- it's a necessity. Why? Because everyone needs an additional source of income in our new economy. Click here to sign up for educational and motivational posts to keep you on track.