Aaahh, Post Office Lines

There are so many joys to be experienced while waiting on line at your local post office…

There’s the guy who comes in with a shopping cart full of boxes that he wants to ship one by one (oh, and he’s not quite sure how he wants to ship them yet — media mail, parcel, first class, priority, with or without signature confirmation, who knows for sure?)

Then you have the sweet little old lady who’s counting pennies and nickels to buy Express postage to mail her granddaughter a birthday gift…

And you can’t forget the friendly, cheerful neighborhood clerk who makes it a point to have a conversation about the weather, stories popular in the news and who’s kid is graduating that May. Bless his heart!

Yes, this is a fun time to be had if you don’t have much to do in the middle of your day, but when you’re a small business owner every moment is precious. If you run a business that sends a lot of correspondence via mail or ships products, it’s important that you have the right tools at your disposal — right in your office.

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The USPS allows certain approved vendors to supply business owners with machines and labels to stamp envelopes and packages. The vendor supplies you with a U.S. Postal service approved machine that you use to weigh the mailpiece at your desk and then print the exact postage needed to ship it to your destination.

So instead of waiting on lines at the post office listening to banter and watching the time tick by as your business emails and phone calls go unanswered, you can just drop your stamped mail into the mailbox or hand them off to your mail carrier each day. It’s all ready to go.

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